The Ultimate Soccer Coaching Tool

With Soccer Blueprint, you can effortlessly draw professional looking diagrams and share them with your team, with just a few taps.

It's the cleanest and simplest way to build your own library of plays and drills!

  • Organize Your Playbook

    Store all your plays and drills in the palm of your hand

  • Improve Communication

    Quickly share diagrams with coaches and players

  • Run Better Practices

    Plan your drill progressions and eliminate wasted time

  • Win More Games!

    Out-execute your opponents on the field

Create Gorgeous Soccer Diagrams, Right From Your Mobile Device

  • Create plays and drills using a half field or full field background
  • Insert player positions (D, F, G, MF), numbered icons, cones and balls
  • Draw passes, shots and player movement
  • Draw with your finger, and always get a smooth, clean line
  • Easily drag and drop your icons to different positions
  • Save an unlimited number of plays and drills

Easily Share Plays and Drills With Your Team

  • Share with your team by email, text, Facebook or Twitter
  • Bring your plays and drills to life and engage your visual learners will full color diagrams
  • Improve communication with your coaching staff

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